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The YMCA Vocational School

The YMCA Vocational School offers courses and the positive environment in assisting disengaged students to achieve their full potential through positive educational studies, activities, and outcomes. At the YMCA young people will experience student centred programs dedicated to enhancing practical and personal skills, at a pace that ensures school attendance, engagement, and confidence.

Our Philosophy

"We believe all young people have the right to achieve their full potential irrelevant of circumstance. That the development of the whole person is of utmost importance and we are guided in developing this through the YMCA's own philosophy of valuing a person's Mind, Body and Spirit. We believe that this holistic approach is best delivered through a flexible individualised learning environment to maximise positive outcomes for every individual."

Our School

The YMCA Vocational School is a registered Non State School and designated as a Special Assistance School and designated Trade Training Centre. The YMCA Vocational School operates under Y Care SE Qld which is the benevolent arm of the YMCA of Brisbane. The YMCA of Brisbane was Formed in 1864 and works from a base of Christian values, to provide opportunities for all people to grow in Mind, Body and Spirit. The services provided at the YMCA help young people who find it difficult to gain an education through mainstream education succeed through an alternate and holistic student centred approach.

The YMCA School Clem Jones Campus is located in Mary Street, Kingston, Queensland and is the first YMCA school of its type in Australia. Our second campus is located intheNorth Lakes Space for Young People Cnr Endeavour Boulevard & Lakefield Drive North Lakes

Our school caters for 14 to 17 year old students covering year’s nine to twelve and provides a flexible and imaginative program providing core Curriculum studies and vocational subjects. Learning is hands on delivered at a pace students are able to cope, with the intention that all students will succeed through a holistic approach we call “ReBOOT”

The YMCA School ReBOOT initiative

As a School we have built upon our guiding philosophy of Mind Body & Spirit by developing an initiative we call “ReBOOT” this not only forms the foundations of our schools ethos but also the way in which we do all we do. It looks at how we can develop each individual to be the best they can be through developing the mind set and tools to reach their potential. We endeavour to en-culture our “ReBOOT initiative” into our school, our community and partner organisations. Our ReBOOT ethos is the key factor and approach in guiding and driving all our areas of focus and underpinning all interactions and developments of the school through all the strategies and programs we run as explained below;

“The YMCA ReBOOT school-based program gives young people a real chance to succeed. ReBOOT acknowledges the history and holistic needs of young people, and the impact that unmet needs, trauma and neglect have on learning and wellbeing. Each student and staff member is considered a whole-person with physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic needs that if unmet result in unproductive behaviour and impede learning. ReBOOT empowers both the school staff and students to understand where these behaviours and their motivations emerge from. Through whole-of-school approaches, targeted individual support, a social and emotional wellness program and our curriculum; ReBOOT provides practical strategies to turn these behaviours around so that both the students and staff can realise their potential. As a strengths-focused and whole-of-school approach ReBOOT has the power to break the poverty and welfare-dependency cycle and minimise the impact of trauma and neglect.”

About the School

At the YMCA School ‘student need’ is the centre of our attention. Teachers and support staff are chosen carefully to insure the greatest learning and curriculum flexibility is achieved through innovation, personal development, and vocational interests. School begins at 9.30am and finishes at 2.30pm Monday to Friday. Our Curriculum consists of:

Core Subjects

  • English (Literacy)
  • Maths (Numeracy)
  • Mind Body & Spirit (Social, health and Emotional Learning Inc. ROAP)
  •   Information Technologies (Embedded in all Curriculum)
  •   HPE Healthy Physical Engagement (recreation and sporting activities)


Vocational Studies (when available)

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Children’s Services
  • Hospitality
  • Hairdressing
  • Retail
  • Warehousing
  • Fitness

Our Mission

"To positively engage young people in education and lifelong learning thus empowering young people to become productive members of their society, as well as well-rounded, confident and healthy human beings."

Our Aim

  1. To develop healthy, confident, responsible and well-rounded young people able to make positive choices  & contributions to their community
  2. To enable students to develop and achieve real and relevant academic success and/or vocation  skills
  3. To equip students to a high level of 'employability', and in doing so open up career pathways, further opportunities for lifelong learning and personal growth.

The YMCA experience gives students a "Real Chance" to shape, direct, and own their future. In today's complicated and competitive world, the capacity to appropriately control one's destiny is so important. At the YMCA our team recognises this and helps students to negotiate and determine their own pathways – at their pace through our ReBOOT initiative.

Strategies & Programs used to develop and support our ReBOOT Ethos

Core Curriculum

Developing cognitive and supporting social-emotional learning in Literacy, Numeracy, and Health & Physical Activity through a planned curriculum, based on our ethos of Mind Body & Spirit and delivered through our ReBOOT philosophy and practice.

Pre-vocational Courses

Developing work readiness skills and attitudes through vocational activities where available at each campus in Automotive, Hospitality, Hairdressing, Sport & Recreation, retail, warehousing and Construction.

Resilience through Outdoor Adventure Program (ROAP)

Developing the personalities, attitudes, abilities and skill sets which enable lifelong success and learning. This is achieved through developing resilience and improved social & emotional habits & skills through developing team work and communications skills thorough challenge and adventure. This is delivered through the medium of outdoor educational activities, camp and expedition

Work Experience and Volunteering/Community Service initiatives

Developing and enhancing work readiness and community spirit through work placements experience and in community volunteering projects, developing a further sense of belonging, value and a place in society

Virtues and community service Program

Developing and understanding the characteristics of being a positive member of society, through integrity and improving personal character

Additional internal Support and External Agencies collaboration

Additional individual support for students through the Chaplain, Guidance officer and staff mentors along with additional outside agencies as required. Supporting both the student and family in accessing and engaging in learning.

Supplementary Projects and initiatives

We consistently have opportunities to utilise projects and grants which support enhance or supplement our philosophy and Aims. These are varied and often come with additional finding and accountability attached. They can provide us with additional drive and resources not normally available through recurrent funding and add great value to all we do.

Enrolment Process

Before applying for an enrolment, please make sure you have read the Enrolment Policy, the student & parent handbook and YMCA Child Protection Policy that can be downloaded from www.ymcaschool.org . Once all the above has been read you can then download the Referral / Enrolment Application Form.

Please then return the completed Enrolment Application form, and required documentation (stated on the form) to the postal address indicated on the document.

If you are having difficulties downloading or printing this information, please contact YMCA School main reception on (07) 3440 4300 or email the Head of School at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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